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Press Releases

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STR: Canada hotel results for week ending 8 December

During the week of 2-8 December, the Canadian hotel industry experienced a 3% occupancy increase to 61.2%, a 3.3% ADR increase to 145.89 Canadian dollars ($109.08) and a 6.4% RevPAR increase to CA$89.24 ($66.72).

STR: Preliminary November data for Jeddah hotels

According to preliminary November data from STR, hotels in Jeddah, Saudi Arabia, reported occupancy decreased 4.3% to 43.9%, ADR dropped 10.1% to 624.69 Saudi Arabian riyals ($166.58) and RevPAR fell 14% to 274.35 riyals ($73.16).

STR: Canada hotel results for week ending 1 December

Canadian hotel occupancy rose 2.2% to 62.8% during the week of 25 November to 1 December, according to STR. ADR similarly increased 2.4% to 146.86 Canadian dollars ($109.47), which drove RevPAR up 4.6% to CA$92.27 ($68.77). 

Atlanta rates projected to triple during Super Bowl

Atlanta hosts Super Bowl LIII in February, and while the market has one of the highest number of hotel rooms available among the past eight Super Bowl host cities, Atlanta's absolute occupancy and ADR are expected to be lower than those of past Super Bowl host markets.

STR: Middle East/Africa hotel data for October 2018

The Middle East's hotels reported occupancy dipped 1.6% to 63.8% in October, and a 7% ADR decrease to $151.11 brought RevPAR down 8.5% to $96.46. Africa, meanwhile, saw hotel occupancy increase 5.9% to 66%, ADR increase 8.2% to $119.72 and RevPAR increase 14.5% to $79.02.