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Global Hotel Study 2017

An unprecedented, worldwide view of the hospitality industry

As the hospitality industry’s leading source for data and analytics, STR is thrilled to offer the second edition of our annual Global Hotel Study. 

This year, we’ve vastly expanded the range and depth of the report, with detailed insights for more than 100 global markets, exploring the highs, the lows, and the factors tipping the scale in each direction. Beyond the numbers, the greatest value of this report is that it ties together on-the-ground industry knowledge from STR experts located across 15 countries.   

Your comprehensive guide 
For investors, developers, operators and anyone with a vested interest in the hotel industry, this is your roadmap for setting strategies for the year ahead and beyond. 

What’s inside

  • Each world region broken into four categories: hot markets, up-and-coming markets, recovery markets, and markets in decline. Detailed analyses on the macroeconomic factors shaping their occupancy and average daily rate performances, such as tourism and corporate travel trends, currency exchange rates, investment landscapes, political scenarios, supply development, and many more.  
  • Deep-dive analyses on select key markets in each region, exploring historical performance trends, compression levels, and special-focus topics. 
  • A look into the future of each region from STR’s forecast experts, helping you prepare for 2018 and beyond. Forecast insights also included for several markets in their individual analyses.
  • Articles by STR executives exploring regional and market-level trends, based on their local market knowledge and expertise.
  • 60+ charts

A few of our key findings

  • Rapidly slowing transient ADR growth does not bode well for U.S. hotels; lending market slows down, but supply growth continues to affect RevPAR growth 
  • Demand recovery in Central/South America for the first time since 2012, with future supply growth putting ADR at risk; strong pipeline in Brazil, with luxury developments in São Paulo as well as various Colombian cities 
  • U.K. hotels see Brexit boost; Eastern Europe further establishes itself; Mediterranean hotels benefit from continued tourism demand
  • Oil prices continue to make a huge impact in the GCC; supply expansion still weighing on Dubai’s performance
  • Intra-Asia Pacific travel and eased visa regulations drive performance growth; supply balance a major factor for several APAC markets


  • Full Report ($3,500.00)
  • (includes all regions)
  • Regional Reports ($1,000.00 each) (please tick all that apply)
  • Asia Pacific
  • Central/South America, Caribbean
    and Mexico
  • Europe
  • Middle East and Africa
  • U.S. and Canada