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Hotel Profitability Study: 2017

An overview of profitability trends in 16 global gateway markets

Price: $750

At STR, we’re constantly looking beyond the numbers to provide a clearer understanding of the factors shaping the bottom line. This report delves into 2017 hotel profitability performance for key markets in Europe, the Middle East & Africa, Asia Pacific and Central & South America.

While every hotel, city, country and region tells a different story, at the end of the day it’s integral to study how money is flowing in and out to determine how effective your revenue generation and cost control measures are. We’ve looked into the key markets listed below to drill a bit deeper into their hotel performance and profitability figures as well as what’s driving them. 

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Markets included in this study:

  • Europe
    - London
    - Paris
    - Madrid
    - Istanbul

  • Middle East & Africa
    - Dubai
    - Abu Dhabi
    - Cairo & Giza

  • Asia Pacific
    - Shanghai
    - Bali
    - Sydney
    - Delhi

  •   Central & South America
    - São Paulo
    - Buenos Aires
    - Santiago
    - Cusco & Lima

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What’s inside

  • Analysis of each market’s revenue and expense streams in comparison with 2016, covering how current and historical economic factors are impacting hotel performance and profitability

  • Data visualizations breaking down each market’s RevPAR, TRevPAR and GOPPAR performance as well as revenue and expense line items including room, food and beverage, other operating departments, miscellaneous income, and undistributed expenses

  • Regional overviews with high-level profitability figures and insights for Europe, the Middle East & Africa, Asia Pacific and Central & South America