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Hotel Profitability Reports



North America

+5600 Hotels / +1M Rooms

Central & S. America

+100 Hotels / +20K Rooms


+1200 Hotels / +260K Rooms

Middle East & Africa

+450 Hotels / +120K Rooms

Asia Pacific

+1000 Hotels / +290K Rooms
*Global participation sample 2015

How to submit 2016 data

Complete the applicable submission form below, and email it to before 24th February


Requirements for participation:

  • Include a minimum of 2 years of profitability data
  • Subject hotel must have operated for a minimum of 10 months within the respective year
  • Currency must be specified
  • Data must be submitted before the deadline of Friday 24th February 2017

Benefits of submitting data

In exchange for sharing your P&L data you will receive one or more of the following:

  • Industry benchmarking report (sample) - comparing your hotel's performance to the local country/market.
  • 44% discount on custom P&L reports (sample).
  • Corporate participants* receive a complimentary copy of the P&L Executive Summary (sample) and Companion File (sample), including regional, country, and market level data.

*Corporate participants = 5 or more participating hotels. Corporate participants may submit P&L statements in their own, excel based format.